As a dentist, what equipment do I need for Sirona Connect?

To exploit the benefits of Sirona Connect you need the CEREC AC acquisition unit or APOLLO DI and a partner lab that works with Sirona’s inLab 3D software (version 3.60 or higher). To upload and download the data files you need a broadband Internet connection and an e-mail address. You also need to register – once only – with the Sirona Connect portal.

What equipment do I need for Sirona Connect in my dental laboratory?

As a dental laboratory you need the inLab software (version 3.60 or higher), a broadband Internet connection and an e-mail address. Via the software you can directly access the Sirona Connect portal. From here you can download the 3D model and send your order for the Sirona Connect model. The inLab 3D software allows you to design restoration, which can then be machined directly using the inLab or inLab MC XL milling unit. Alternatively, you can send the design data to an external inLab laboratory or to infiniDent.


What indications are covered by Sirona Connect?

Initially, Sirona Connect will cater for single tooth restorations such as inlays, onlays, veneers, anatomically sized crowns, copings and bridge frameworks.


How many laboratories can I work with via Sirona Connect?

Sirona Connect gives you complete flexibility to choose partner laboratories. You can assign up to five labs to the favourites list in your database. This favourites list can be modified at any time.


Can a CEREC milling unit be installed subsequently?

It is possible to add a milling unit at any time to a CEREC AC. Some products will require an upgrade. For to upgrade your CEREC AC with a milling unit please contact your Sirona dealer.

APOLLO DI can’t be upgraded with a milling unit.


What are the differences between the classic CEREC system and Sirona Connect?

Sirona Connect is the first step on the way to digital impression-taking. All you need is the CEREC AC acquisition unit and the CEREC Connect software. The restorations are fabricated by a partner laboratory.